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With over 1,000 employees, BOSS is manufactured locally in our ISO 9001 certified plant that spans 70,000 m2 with 35 building blocks, allowing us to offer custom solutions as per request.

  • Who we are
    Who we are

    PT. Australindo Graha Nusa was established in 1980 as the pioneer to bring switches & socket from Australia. We started our business in electrical accessories as the sole agent and has now developed into one of the largest electrical wiring devices and accessories company in Indonesia.

  • Our vision
    Our vision

    To be Indonesia's market leader in electrical wiring devices and accessories industry with emphasis on sustainable growth by building competence through people development, meaningful innovation, customer satisfaction, and efficiency

  • Automated Production
    Automated Production

    To increase the quality and consistency of our products, our extrusion plant is equipped with automated extrusion lines that can create precise and high quality electrical and flexible conduits.


Our Latest Works

Listed are just a few of the many household name, hotels, residential and commercial organisations who have chosen Boss.

  • Kota Ayodhya
    Kota Ayodhya
  • Whiz Prime
    Whiz Prime
  • Grandmas hotel
    Grandmas hotel
  • JW Marriott
    JW Marriott
  • Podium Mataram
    Podium Mataram
  • Ruko The Boulevard Tekno 2
    Ruko The Boulevard Tekno 2
  • AEON Mall Tanjung Barat
    AEON Mall Tanjung Barat
  • Artotel Jogja
    Artotel Jogja

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Temukan lokasi terdekat kami yang sesuai dengan lokasi tempat tinggal Anda.

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He's a demon on wheels. The mate was a mighty sailin' man the Skipper brave and sure. Five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour a three hour tour the ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted

 BOSS Electrical Indonesia B5000S
BOSS Electrical Indonesia B5000S

Saklar BΩSS B5000S jawabannya. Saklar BΩSS B5000S dapat membuat Suasana ruangan hotel, rumah dan apartemen Anda terlihat lebih elegan dan mewah, karena Anda bisa menampilkan tulisan Dining pada Saklar BΩSS B5000S dengan menggunakan laser marking, serta dapat menyesuaikan tulisan sesuai selera Anda.

Lo Dirsen August 25, 2022

BOSS Electrical Indonesia B20
BOSS Electrical Indonesia B20

Sempurnakan desain ruangan Anda dengan B20. Saklar ruangan yang didesain dengan tampilan menawan.

Jeffry Atmaja September 15, 2022

BΩSS Electrical Indonesia B1000 PURO
BΩSS Electrical Indonesia B1000 PURO

Kesesuaian suatu ruangan yang sederhana akan kelihatan elegan dengan saklar B1000PURO dari BΩSS.

Jeffry Atmaja September 13, 2022