Workshop & Gathering ACE Sumatra Utara (Medan) | Sep 12, 2015

Workshop & Gathering ACE Sumatra Utara – Medan

With more and more problems occurring in the building and engineering industry; both in the operational and maintenance field, this year’s ACE SUMUT workshop and gathering focuses on the theme: Medan’s preparation in facing MEA: Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean 2015 (MEA – Asian Economic Society)

As one of Indonesia’s leading electrical accessories supplier, PT. Australindo Graha Nusa has worked together with ACE Medan to introduce our products to building, mechanical and operational field engineers with the aim of educating and addressing efficient and vital solutions that may help improve their work in their field through our products.

Products that were introduced includes: BOSS electrical wiring accessories, BOSS piping system and Integrated Control System,