Seminar & Gathering III ACE Pekanbaru | Apr 9,2016

‘Seminar & Gathering III of Asosiasi Chief Engineer (ACE) Pekanbaru on 9th April 2016 at Grand Central Pekanbaru’ consists of seminars with the topic of “Comfortable in High Risk Building”.

PT. Australindo Graha Nusa worked together with Asosiasi Chief Engineer (ACE) Pekanbaru to discuss about the future existence of the professional organization of care and maintenance of buildings and industries in Pekanbaru in highly dependent on the availability of human resources. The competition in the business world is getting tougher, in pace with globalization and the consumer culture control the consistency process and productivity. The role of human resource competitive and competitiveness absolutely owned. Harmonious working environment and comfortable relationship between the Chief Engineer, Engineers and Technicians who are members in professional organizations ACE Pekanbaru need to be built and cultivated for later able to be a bridge and a gateway that can affect the performance of the Chief Engineer, Engineers and Technicians contribute positively to the company.

PT. Australindo Graha Nusa participated in sponsoring gifts for Engineering Photo competition and name tag.

We also introduced and shared our product development, such as BOSS electrical wiring accessories, BOSS piping system and Integrated Control System.