Hospital Equipment
Product Details
60 pcs patiens cards

Dimension (mm) W 600 x H 420 x D 50

Power source : 90~240Vac, 50/60Hz

Working conditions : Temperature -10oC~45oC

Relative humidity < 85%

Working method : Continuous

Power consumption : < 75W

Main power supply (to extensions) voltage : 25+1Vac

Main power supply (to displays) voltage : 27+1Vac

Number of patient cards : 60 pcs

Maximum capacity of patient that can be paged : 100pcs

  1. Indicators show the nursing grade, with multifunction display
  2. Store the extension no. when the call is not picked up by the Host
  3. Music sounds, LED displays and broadcast reports bed no. when patient calls
  4. Two-way calling and talking between Host and Extensions
  5. Show time and date
  6. Number online automatically
  7. Blackground music settable, volume adjustable
  8. Broadcast times and circulate times optional
  9. Inpatient statistics
  10. Broadcast function