Product Overview


Nurse Call System

Intelligent medical management system as a whole mold molding, ultra-thin design, novel appearance, beautiful and strong, the first domestic USES the function of liquid crystal display, full Chinese menu operation, change the traditional digital tube display, set up more simple, accurate, simple and convenient installation, the system adopts two wire system, the extension all parallel bus, bed number is automatically generated, two-way intercom call level calls, voice times, music radio, nursing level, level of illness, diet, health care.


  • Host three inches of dot matrix LCD screen, menu type design, extension when calling the screen display bed number, through to the display condition and nursing level, no call display calendar
  • Voice times, when the extension call, host LDE digital tube display bed number and speech engine bed number
  • Host background music, extension when calling, the host optional setting different music
  • Host the volume can be adjusted, the host has the volume level 15, adapt to the day, the demand of the night
  • Host level 4 level of care, there are four kinds of different host level of care, and there are red, yellow, green light
  • Top priority, senior nursing level extension priority call, the intercom
  • Two core networking system, all the extension and links on the bus, bus system is only one core
  • Online number, two numbering, (1) online set arbitrary number (2) automatic number machine, manually modify the extension number. Can be set: (1) (2) (3) an additional room bed
  • Two-way call, duplex, extension and host can call each other, send word by word without conversion
  • Extension not interrupt call, any time, as long as have an extension call may call and display
  • Host store call but no one reply to host, the host will extension number sequence and call its subsistence, most hosts showed nine call beds, store 30 call bed number

Aptus Pro Nurse Call System

Integrated Nurse Call Solutions with Ip Base And Android Application

Aptus Pro AU series Hybrid IP is an Australian Standard AS3811 compliant nurse call solution. Designed to meet the needs of both Aged and Acute care, Aptus Pro is built on proven technology and based on industry standards. With the convenience of user serviceable components, hot swappable call stations and intuitive programming, the Aptus Pro solution is the preferred choice of sites looking to reduce their maintenance costs.

The system is web based and 24/7/365 monitored, allowing for peace of mind that should an issue arise our help desk will be able to respond quickly and efficiently, sometimes before you are aware there is even an issue. With an uptime guarantee we stand by our system reassuring you that your facility is our first priority.

The Aptus Pro system is plug compatible with a range of legacy nurse call solutions. Spare parts for Austco, Questek, Xacom, Gladstone and Sedco systems are available. With a simple head end upgrade we may be able to keep your site operable long after the original manufacturer has stopped supporting your system.

Bring your system up to speed with the next generation Aptus Pro, giving life to legacy nurse call. Always looking for new features Aptus Pro has an innovative feature request voting system. You have a say in what features you would like to see and the Alexys community, through popular vote, chooses which features are implemented as a priority.

The Aptus Pro system is the next generation of critical messaging, by working together with our community we can continue to innovate and deliver systems that truly assist the delivery of care and help those that need it the most.




Insulation Monitoring Devices With Fault Location Function (Electro-Medical Applications)

When there is an insulation loss, such that the earth resistance drops below the threshold set in setup, immediately the relay will be in trip, in association with the change color of display, which makes intuitive for end-user the alarm state of IMD. If the fault location is selected in automatic mode, it will be started immediately. Otherwise, you will need to launch this procedures manually by pressing a special button. Throughout the duration of fault location on display the word "LOCATING" will appear by indicating that the fault location on each departure is in progress. For each departure to control must install a toroid which has got a function of sensor in field. At the end of the process of locating the surveyor will provide, via serial, the information with the results of fault location, accordingly you can see on display which departures have got insulation loss. In the case of insulation loss persists, you can repeat fault location manually or by serial command. There are 2 alarm thresholds (pre-alarm and fault) and for each relay available you can set the operating logic.