HAEI Smart Living Solution Seminar | Feb 20, 2014

Himpunan Ahli Elektro Indonesia (HAEI) held a Smart Living Solution one day seminar at binakarna Assembly Hall, Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta on Thursday, February 20th 2014. Prologues were given by chairman of HAEI, Mas’ud Dohim, and followed by Hironemus, CEO of PT. Australindo Graha Nusa. There were three lectures in the event included “Smart Electrical Solution”, by Endro Wibowo, “LED’s GO!!” by Louis Hironemus and moderated by Jajap Tanudjaja, and “Lighting Control for Lighting System Application” by Benno Salinas Fevrianto, moderated by Daniel Mangindaan. During the event, PT Australindo Graha Nusa as the main sponsor, was also showing their high-end mechanical and electrical appliance in various brands such as Lelco, BOSS, Smarthome, Questec, and Spectra by Lelco. This event was attended not only by the HAEI members, who are electrical experts, but also architects, developers and those whose work correlated with mechanical and electrical.

(text by Indonesia Design Magazine Vol.11 / No.61 / Mar – Apr 2014)

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